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RevanaSiddeshwara Betta - SRS Hills - Bangalore weekend destination

In this post , we share our visit experience to Sri RevanaSiddeshwara Hills near Kanakapura , about 60 kms from Bangalore city

Highlights of this spot
  • Popularly known as SRS hills is named after sage Sri RevanaSiddeshwara who is believed to be incarnation of Renukacharya founder of Veera Shaiva Siddantha
  • Sage RevanaSiddeshwara is believed to have performed penance here
  • At the bottom of this 3000 ft monolithic hill are temple sanctums having Renukambha , Basavana , Bheemeshwara , VeeraBhadra , Marula Siddeshwara , Ganesha idols
  • On top of hill are 2 mantaps RudraMuneshwara  & Siddharameshwara with a small shiv linga which is believed to be self formed - a small pond is formed adjacent to this mantap.
  • On descending just below on the other side of the hill below these mantaps is Sri Revana siddeshwara small temple adjoining the rocks & a small pond.

Revana Siddeshwara Temple on hill top

Temples at bottom of hill

It was around 4 PM when our team visited here , we had to rush & trek the hill fast as temple on-top of hill gets closed by 5 PM.  The path to reach on hill top is managed very nicely with iron rod supports and steps carvings. We managed to reach on top of this 3000 ft hill within 35 minutes.

Stairs carved on rock


Surrounding Lake view

On reaching the top of hill - we noticed 2 mantaps and stand with 3 bells. In each of these mantap was a small shiv ling . Devotees believe these were self-formed and perform pooja here. There is a small pond next to this temple. We noticed many monkeys around , though they were polite unlike their nature ! On descending around 30 to 40 steps on the other side of the hill from this mantap , we reached Revana Siddeshwara temple . There is another pond adjacent to this temple where devotees perform pooja.

Mantap on hill top

Although there are stairs carved on rock to reach this spot - it is advised to avoid senior citizens climbing these as they are too steep & slippery . 

As it was almost approaching sunset , the place was quite cool filled with breeze. The scenic views from this spot were awesome. After spending an hour , we started descending back to bottom of hill where we took darshan of VeeraBhadra Swamy , Bheemeshwara Idols. 

Road view from hill top

Pond beside Revana Siddeshwara temple

Shivlinga inside Mantaps on hill top
At the bottom of hill - few hawkers sell snacks & refreshments . Few hotels & shops may be noticed nearby . Its recommended to carry a water bottle while trekking the spot as there is no provision for any food supplies on hill top.

Temple is open for darshan & pooja between 9 AM to 2 PM and between 2.30 PM to 5 PM . Overall an awesome spot to visit with family & friends. Do trek this hill and share your experience.

Jaanapada Loka - exploring the rich culture

In this article , we share experience on our visit to Janapaka Loka - one of karnataka's famous cultural center. This spot is near Ramanagar on the Bangalore - Mysore highway - about 50 kms from Bangalore city.

Highlights of this spot
  • Started during 1994 - architecture by Nadoja Sri NageGowda - one of the prominent personalities of Karnataka
  • Spread over 15 acre area - includes cultural museums with a wide range of collections from many parts of karnataka, auditorium for cultural programs , Videoscope theatre showing documentaries 
  • Shilpamala - a wide range of stone carving collections dating 400 years old
  • LokaMahal - awesome more than 5000 collection of village culture wears such as Yakshagaana , Daasayya , Goravayya , Pupets , arms , weapons , kitchen ware , marriage items.
  • Chitra Kuteera - wide range of photo collections of various cultures of Karnataka
  • Loka Sarovara small lake , Children's park
  • Dodda mane - village style courtyard big house serving as dormitories for visitors , marriage functions , cultural programs.

Yakshagaana Idol at the entrance

Veeragaase Idol at the entrance
Our team visited here on a Sunday morning. Spot is right on the highway near Kengal Hanumanthaya temple and easily accessible. We parked our car in Kamat Lokaruchi hotel space adjacent to this spot. There is a entrance fee of Rs.20 for adults , Rs.10 for children , Rs,100 for foreigners . Still photography of Rs.100 , Video photography  of Rs.500 is charged extra.

Pottery artist demonstrating
One gets a chance to view here a live demo on pottery work . Visitors may purchase Handicrafts , pottery items at the shopping counters.

Big grinding stone
There was a cultural fest organised when we visited where Pooja kunitha artists from different districts performed at the open theatre supported by good amount of spectators. We really enjoyed their performance cheering with the crowd.

Artists performing at open theatre

White ducks in the park

Kitchen ware inside a village hut 
Spot is open between 9.30 AM to 5.30 PM except Tuesday holidays.  There is a break period between 1.30 to 2.30 PM .

Village park 
One of the best spots to visit on a weekend with family and friends . Sunday visit is preferred as usually some cultural programs would be held.  We had lunch at Kamat lokaruchi serving authentic north karnataka , karavali food. Do visit this spot and share your experience.

Gali AnjaneyaSwamy temple , Mysore road - Bengaluru

In this post , we share our visit experience to Gali Anjaneya swamy temple near Byataraayanapura , Bangalore - Mysore road . 

Highlights of this spot

  • Believed to be established by Sri Vyasaraja thirtha during 14th century 
  • Idols of Lord Hanuman as Gali Anjaneya , Rama Sita Lakshmana , Ganesha & Venugopalaswamy are consecrated here
  • Hanuman Idol faces towards west 
  • Gali in kannada means "Wind" or "Air".  As hanuman is considered as son of Vayu , hence the name Gali Anjaneya
  • Hanuman Idol is smeared with Sindhura (a saffron coloured paste ) - considered as one of the only south Indian temple of this kind.

This temple is easily accessible & visible on the main road side . The Rajagopura is a beautiful one on which many idols of Hanuman , Rama family are carved. On entering this gopuram , straight visible are sanctums of  Hanuman , Rama , Ganesha & Venugopalaswamy . 

The queue system is good and well managed by the staff here . Darshan of Lord Hanuman is at last after covering other sanctums. Hanuman Idol may be around 4 to 5 feet in a standing position and has a mustache. For us it seem to resemble Kengal temple. Prasadam in form of Theertha , Rasaayana is served here. 

Many devotees from all over the city visit here to take blessings , pooja for their vehicles etc. The temple car / ratha festival is considered to be one of the oldest one with about more than 100 years of history. Special poojas are conducted on Hanuman jayanathi.

Temple is open for darshan from morning 7 to 1 PM and in evening between 5.30 to 8 PM. Usually crowded a nice place to visit with family and friends . Do visit this spot and share your experience.

Nimishambha devi temple , Rajarajeshwarinagar

In this post , we share our team visit experience to Nimishambha devi temple at Rajarajeshwari Nagar , Bengaluru. 

Spot Highlights
  • Constructed during 2014 - having a unique Kerala architecture design 
  • Idols of Nimishambha , Shivalinga , Ganesha , Sathyanarayana consecrated
  • Mantaps for conducting special programs

Temple houses a Dwaja stambha at the entrance . On entering the main diety Nimishambha sanctum is mesmerizing. Spot is very peaceful filled with ambiance. Construction of temple sanctum & pillars resembles typical Kerala type of architecture - sheltered with red tiles.

Shivalinga in the form of Mauktikeshwara is worshipped here.

Temple is open between morning 6.30 AM to 1.30 PM and at evening between 4 PM to 8.30 PM. Overall a nice temple to visit with family & friends. Do visit this spot and share your experience.

Panchamukhi Ganesha temple , Mysore road - Bangalore

In this post , we share our visit experience to Sri Panchamukhi Ganesha temple near Mysore road ,  one of the tourist attraction nowadays near NICE road junction about 20 kms from Bengaluru city center.

Highlights of this spot

  • The Gopuram of this temple houses 30 ft panchamuki ganesha painted in golden color
  • Inside the temple sanctum , about 6ft idol of panchamukhi ganesha is consecrated
  • Beside to temple is Vishwakarma community guru Ashrama
  • Calm place - good for prayer & meditation

This was one of the spots which our team always thought to explore , though they had noticed this temple many times while travelling on mysore road. This temple is just about 100 mts from NICE road junction. The tall ganesha gopuram attracts visitors.

Inside the temple were small marble & concrete water ponds where fishes were fed. Surrounding the temple is also a concrete water pond which is unique of its kind. Inside the temple straight we noticed about 5-6 ft black stone ganesha idol , with ganesha face in each direction and one on top which exactly resembled the gopuram structure. There was no priest when we visited and pooja seemed to have already conducted. Spot is very calm - good for offering silent prayers & meditation.

There is a ashram adjacent to this temple - "Sathyashraya Kuteera" - where one may get darshan of Vishwakarma community Guruji if available. Some of the community religious & books collections are displayed here.

 A nice spot to visit with family , friends and spend some time over a weekend. We are not sure of the temple timings - morning 8 AM to 10 AM is preferred. Do visit and share your experience.

Mekedaatu - an awesome leap from Bangalore - Weekend destination

In this post , we share our visit experience to one of the scenic weekend spots from Bengaluru - Mekedaatu - about 90kms from bengaluru city. 

Highlights of this spot :
  • Scenic spot comprising rock cliffs , gorges , kaveri river passing through the cliffs. 
  • In Kannada 'Meke' means Goat and 'Daatu' means a leap . 
  • It is believed as per mythology of this spot - Once a tiger went behind hunting a goat which passed through this area. Taking the escape route  - it took a leap over the river passage and disappeared . Localities believe lord Shiva may have appeared in form of goat

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow view 1
In our previous post - we shared our experience of Sangama spot. After covering Sangama , our team started exploring this spot. There is no direct good road to this spot. On the other side of Sangama spot - there are arrangements made with local mini buses / vans which carry visitors to this spot. Per passenger is charged Rs.60 for an up and down visit. Buses flow once in 30 minutes. If you are fit for a trekking walk of 2 kms - you may further enjoy the nature.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow view 2
The 2 km bus journey is awesome passing through the rocky area island , trees. If you have a 4x4 - it further adds up to the driving pleasure. There were hoardings about rare crocodiles noticed at these spots - however with the vigilant arrangements made - spot is totally safe.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow view 3
The bus dropped us at the viewing tower where we get an awesome view of the spot from top. At this spot , you get the only shop on this isolated island selling soft drinks & snacks. There is small passage with stairs to reach down the spot and further get a glimpse of the rocky gorges.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow rocks
The granite rocks are safe to climb, however due to the sharp edges and slippery locations - some spots may be dangerous and advised to avoid. As per the officials - its reported few visitors in anxiety of taking selfies / photos had got severely injured falling into the gorge. It is advised not to enter into water as flow currents are high.

Mekedaatu - Passage river flow rocks

Mekedaatu - Visitors climbing rocks
Our team spent an hour here and returned back. The bumpy bus ride was again a fun.

Mekedaatu - Steps to reach down

Mekedaatu - Local bus
Overall an awesome scenic spot one must not miss to visit . Buses flow in from morning 9 AM to evening 5 PM . Do visit this spot and share your experience.
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