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Cauvery Lokapavani Sangama , Srirangapatna Tourist places , Bangalore weekend destinations.

In this post we cover the scenic spot of SriRangapatna over team covered , "Sangama".

"Sangama" in kannada means confluence. As its name , here the spot signifies the confluence of rivers Cauvery and Lokapavani . Morever its the Cauvery river which gets divided at the Ranganatha swamy temple flows from paschima vahini from the west and also to east towards Nimishambha temple and joins at this place merely forming SriRangapatna a River Island.  Karighatta hills are visible from this spot.

Our team reached this spot in the evening after visiting Nimishambha temple which is about a 10 minutes drive from here. This place is considered as auspicious similar to the paschima vahini among the Hindu community because of the presence of river cauvery. There is a small shiva linga idol placed at the river banks where devotees come and perform pooja here. A nice scenic spot to visit along with friends and family on a weekend. There is no entry fee , however we had to shell out about Rs.30 as parking fee.  There are many petty shops selling snacks , coffee to make your evening more pleasureful.

Panoramic View of Sangama river confluence , Srirangapatna

Daria Daulat Bagh Tippu's summer palace , Srirangapatna tourist places , Bangalore weekend destinations

In this post we cover the historic monument spot our team covered during their visit -  'Daria Daulat Bagh' , Tippu Sultan's summer palace which is in SriRangapatna.

As per this details mentioned in this place - "Dariya Daulat , meaning - The wealth of the sea - referred to as Tippu's summer palace was built during 1784 AD. The palace is square in plan , built on a rised stone plinth , with teak pillars running along the outer edge , enclosing a corridor . There are two recessed bays on the northern and southern sides overlooking two large halls , through canopied balconies . The living spaces on the two floors of the palace are accessible by four staircases . All the walls and ceilings of the entire place are painted. The paintings depict the victory of Hyder Ali  and Tippu over the British led by colonel Bailee , The nizam of Hyderabad arriving at the battlefield , Durbar scenes of Tippu's contemporaries like the Rani of Chitoor , The Raja of Tanjore , The peshwa Balaji Rao II , Magadi Kempegowda , Madakari Nayaka of Chitradurga and Krishnaraja wodeyar III. After the death of Tippu Sultan in 1799 , this palace was occupied by Colonel Arthur Wellesley."

This place is towards the east of Srinrangapatna just about a kilometer or two from the Mysore national highway on the road towards Sangam. There is a minimal entry fees of Rs.5 for Indians and Rs.100 for foreigners. Once we enter the gate arch we notice a lovely garden at the end of which the palace is located surrounded by a green park with trees. There are fountains in front of the palace , some Firangi and stone balls kept in front may be for design looks. Inside the palace we noticed very good unique paintings similar to the ones we see in Bangalore Tippu summer palace. There is a small museum where Tippu's childhood , youth , king photos , his subordinates , his sons , Hyder Ali paintings are showcased. Also the type of weapons used like sword , guns , the royal dress worn , the currency coins used during that period are displayed. One is definitely sure of filling his mind about the life of Tippu after visiting this place. Our team spent about an hour mesmerized with the collections here. 

The palace is open for visitors daily between 09 AM to 05 PM. This is a must visit spot those who visit Srirangapatna. A very nice place to spend time having snacks / lunch in the open park along with family and friends. Do visit this place and share your experiences.

Jamia Masjid and Tippu's Death spot - Srirangapatna Tourist places , Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited Srirangapatna, one of the famous historic places of Karnataka which saw many rulers. In this post we cover the spot - Jamia Masjid and Tippu's Death Spot.

Our team after visiting Sri Ranganathaswamy temple and Water gate , was heading back to the Mysore national highway where they noticed these two spots -

Tippu's Death Spot

The history of this spot as mentioned here - "In the fourth Mysore war the British laid siege to SriRangapatna on 4th May 1799 AD and effectively breached the Fort at WaterGate . On hearing this storming of enemy , Tippu moved in posthaste to the spot , and in the fight , fell to the bullet of a British soldier. It was here the body of Tippu Sultan was identified and recovered amidst heaps of the dead soldiers. In recognition of the valiant Tippu , Colonel Wellesley set a stone tablet to mark the spot."

We stood here for a minute in silence and payed our share of respect to this great warrior of Mysore.

Jamia Masjid

The history of this spot as mentioned here - "Built by Tippu Sultan near the Bangalore Gate in the eastern part of the fort in 1787 AD , this mosque was used regularly for worship by him . The mosque is of magnificent proportions with two majestic minarets adorned with exquisite floral cornices and parapets. The panoramic view of the area from the top is splendid , accessible by staircases in the two shafts.  A mehrab on the western wall of the main hall symbolizes the light - Allah. The stone tablets , fixed in the hall are inscribed with Koranic verses , including the one , which mentions the date of construction of this building. The building is an interesting example of the combination of Hindu and Islamic architecture."

Do visit these historic spots and share your experiences.

Water gate , Srirangapatna Tourist Spots , Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited historic Srirangapatna , one of the famous places in karnataka which has seen many rulers since centuries. In this post , we cover the spot "Water gate"

Water Gate , Srirangapatna

Back view
Our team had reached Srirangapatna and after visiting Sri Ranganatha swamy temple and Tippu's Dungeon on their back to visit Tippu's Death place , they suddenly noticed on their left another old structure , immediately they stopped the car and approached towards it . It was the "Water gate" - the gate at which Tippu was shot dead by British soldier.  When we visited here , we just took a snap of the place without knowing the importance of this place , but when we glanced through the images of Tippu Sultan's life in his summer palace Daria Daulat , our eyes were filled with tears realizing the tragic end of this great Tiger and Sultan of Mysore.

Stone Board

During those days to prevent the British from entering into the kingdom , rulers used to create a water ditch / moats surrounding the kingdom and feed crocodiles inside them for safety.  Britishers were always afraid to enter such ditches because of the crocodiles. However for the royal family and the people to get fresh water from the river a gate was constructed where they get easy access to water. This was the purpose of this Water gate.  

The History says - To a sad fate , during the war when Tippu was attacked , the Britishers had managed to enter through this water gate and attack the army. Also Tippu who was injured was shot dead at this water gate by a British soldier.  We managed to get the below image shared on internet which was created by a British soldier. If you closely observe the image , you will see Tippu ( white dress)  raising his sword to attack against a British soldier , while the soldier's friend (extreme right) , trying to protect his friend , shot Tippu at this spot.  Later Tippu's body was found at another spot few meters from this spot where a monument is present now. The stone board at the water gate says "At the northern end of this Archway Fell Tippu Sultan May 4th 1799".

Hats off to this great Tiger , the sultan of Mysore who fought bravely against the British. Everyone should visit this place once and fill their hearts with pride of the men we had. Do visit this place and share your experience.

Sri NimiShambha temple , Srirangapatna Tourist places , Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team visited - Srirangapatna , in Mandya District - one of the infamous places of interest near to Bangalore and visited many interesting spots. In this post we cover , the spot "Sri Nimishambha Temple"

Nimishambha is the incarnation of Goddess parvathi. It is believed those who pray here with bhakthi are sure of getting their wishes fulfilled immediately and hence the name 'Nimisha + Amba' which means mother who resolves problems within a minute. This temple is on the banks of Cauvery river and was constructed by the Mysore Maharaja Wodeyars around 300 to 400 years ago . Adjoining Nimishamba idol are idols of Lord Shiva , Sri Narayana . Outside the main sanctum are idols of SuryaDeva and Hanuman. 

This temple is on the way to Sangam and around 2 to 3 kms from the Mysore national highway . Our team reached here by around 4 PM in the evening and had to wait for about 30 minutes for Darshan as there was a long waiting queue. Special entry darshan was available at a minimal of Rs.20 per person. At the outset , the gopuram seemed like the Dravidian style of construction. While standing in the queue we enjoyed the cool breeze from the river banks.

On entering the temple we were first directed to take darshan of Nimishamba idol which was very nicely adorned with ornaments and was a pleasure to watch. After submitting our prayers we moved on to the next Idol Lord Shiva known by the name Mukthikeshwara and at last Sri Narayana swamy idol.  Outside the shrine , we visited surya and hanuman small temples and submitted our prayers.

We then moved on to the river banks where we observed some visitors enjoying the water swimming around. Just about 20 to 30 feet there was a restriction put not to swim beyond as they suspect of danger of river swirls. Just opposite to this river bank at some distance we may observe Karighatta Hills and a short glimpse of the Karighatta temple also. As it was evening , many petty shops selling snacks like Bhel puri etc were opened up , We enjoyed the taste with a real good experience spending time on the river side and left the spot. 

Temple is open for darshan between 6.30 AM to 8.30 AM . We noticed some lodges and a small hotel nearby the temple. On the way to this temple you will find many shops selling Ganjam special Gulkhan , Neem . We enjoyed the sweet taste of this Gulkan sandwiched inside a bun . Don't miss this during your visit ! OverAll a very nice spot to visit with family and friends. Do visit this spot and share your experiences.

Paschima Vahini , Srirangapatna tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team visited - Srirangapatna , in Mandya District - one of the infamous places of interest near to Bangalore and visited many interesting spots . In this post we cover , the spot "Paschima Vahini"

"Paschima" in kannada means West. Hence Paschima vahini means that flows towards the west. River Cauvery flows in this region in the west direction and later 

Cauvery river flow view 2
Cauvery river flow view 1
joins Sangama which is near Nimishamba temple. This place is considered as sacred/auspicious for the Hindu community. Usually once a person departs , after performing the burning rituals people carry the ashes to this place and leave it here . The belief is the river is not not just a body of water but also a deity which has descended from heaven to earth. Hence by leaving the ashes , belief is person may ascend to heaven faster. Many of the new generation may not be knowing that after the death of our father of nation - Mahathma Gandhiji - his ashes were were immersed here on 12 Feb 1948. 
Maharajas Buildings

River banks
This place has few buildings about at-least more than 100 years old which were built during the period of Mysore Maharajas. As this place is not that well maintained , these buildings are seeing their downfall now. One may visit this place in the morning to get a glimpse of the spot , which is just behind the railway track on the way to Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.

Sri Aparameya and Ambegalu Navaneetha krishna temple, Channapatna Tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited - Channapatna, the land of wooden toys  - one of the infamous places of interest near to Bangalore and visited many interesting spots. In this post we cover , Sri Aprameya Swamy temple & Ambegalu (crawling) Navaneetha krishna idol.

This temple is in DoddaMallur , Channapatna and is believed to be more than 3000 years old , however as per the available records it is around 1500 years old. Interesting fact is that this temple & other houses in the village are standing on sand and no other solid foundation. Other specialties of this temple is there is no other temple in the world where lord vishnu is worshiped by the name Aprameya and the only temple where lord child Krishna is found in a crawling position with butter (navaneetha) in his hand.  It is also believed that Lord Rama had performed yagnas here. Hence this place was also known as "Dakshina Ayodhya".  Also this place had many pandits and scholars who were versed with all 4 vedas and hence known as "Chatur Veda MangalaPura".  Sri Puranadara Daasa had composed the infamous devotional song "Jagadhodharana Aaadisadalu Yashodhe" after seeing the Navaneetha krishna idol here. These facts kept us amazed and curious to visit and explore this place.

Our team left bangalore by 07 AM and reached the temple by 08.30 AM over the mysore national highway. This temple may be easily located and is just 200 mts from the mysore national highway NH7 , there is an arch welcoming the visitors. The temple gopuram is slightly visible from the main road. We need to shell out some Rs.10 for parking and entered the main entrance (gopuram). Very soon, we were greeted with very old stone doors and pillars adorned with Dashavatara and lord krishna's childhood scriptures which clearly gave us the indication on how old this temple was. In the center was the main sanctum where Lord Aparameya was present , surrounded by small sanctums of Lord Navaneetha Krishna , Hanuman , Ganesha , Ramanuja , Lakshmi were present. Overall it resembles a dravidian architecture style of construction. The priest informed us , this is existing from Krutha Yuga till now and it is believed that Sages Kapila and Kanva are staying here and worshiping lord Aparameya. Besides the temple is a mantap where the temple's chariot was parked. 

The temple is open between 08 AM to 12 PM in the morning and between 5.30 PM to 8.30 PM at evening. Overall a very nice place to visit with family and friends. Do visit this place and share your visit experiences.

Sri RanganathaSwamy temple , Srirangapatna Tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Sri RanganathaSwamy temple , Srirangapatna

 Our team visited - Srirangapatna , in Mandya District - one of the infamous places of interest near to Bangalore and visited many interesting spots.In this post we cover , Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple.

Image depicting Actual Idol
 This temple is one among the Pacncharanga Kshethras and is the first/ Adi among them situated near the banks of river kaveri. The temple's history dates thousands of years back during the Ganga Dynasty , beleived to have started during the existence of Gautama Sage, followed then and improved by the Hoysalas, Vijayanagar kings and later by Hyder Ali, Tippu Sultan the rulers of Sriranapatna during the early 18th century.

Stone elephant
This temple is around 125 km from Bangalore. We started off our journey from Bangalore by car at around 8 AM along the Mysore highway NH7 and reached the spot by  10.45 AM. This is a a very famous temple and one will not find any problems locating the temple. There are many path boards guiding the driver to the right direction. There was a long queue of devotees waiting for the darshan and we too joined them . While standing in the queue , we noticed the Bazaar in front of the temple where idols,  photos and other shopping items were being sold , the temple's chariot (ratha) and a small hall (mantapa). 
Temple stone pillars

Front view
Soon we were inside the temple and passed by the entrance gate (gopura), we noticed the temple's big door which seemed be made of hard stone. After the entrance gate , there are 2 large rectangular enclosures . The inner sanctum is surrounded by multiple columned halls. The pillars had beautiful scriptures and shapes which depicted the art work and creativity of the past generations.  Our queue however at entry looked simple one , soon we noticed took many turns while we reached  the main idol of Sri ranganathaswamy by 11:45 AM. One will notice many idols of Saints and sages along the path.

Maptap Kalyani
The 10 feet idol of Sri Ranganatha Swamy reclining on the coils of the Snake Aadishesha with this consort Laskmi devi would leave one mesmerized. The door of this inner sanctum does not fully cover the Idol's width. Hence we recommend tourists to take some time to observe the idol starting from one corener to other corner of the walk path and closely observe the ends of the idol to get a full glimpse of this magnificient structure. Further moving forward , we observed idols of Srinivasa , Krishna , Garuda , Hanuman and Sri laskhmi.

Tulasi Brindavan
Chariot carvings
We noted one may not get a glimpse of the temple outer mantapas while entering inside the temple as the entry is restircted one way and may view only on the exit. We spent some time looking at the unique Tulasi Brindavan , Kalyani - a small pond , Old mantapas and small flower plantations over a green grass turf. 

Temple is open for darshan between 07 AM to 1 PM in the morning and again between 04 PM to 08 PM in the evening. One may reach here by public bus or train also. The Srirangapatna train station is exactly behind this temple and is a 5 minutes walk from there. 

Overall a very nice and interesting spot to visit with family and friends on a weekend. Do visit this place and share your experiences. 

Panaromic view inside temple

Sri Nadi Narasimha temple, Channapattana Tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited few places of historic importance and interest near Channapatttana , the land of wooden toys. Of them , in this post we cover Sri Nadi Narasimha temple which is about 2 kms from the Bangalore Mysore Highway NH7 near Channapattana around 60 kms from Bangalore.

"Nadi" in kannada means river.  As the temple name itself is prefixed with Nadi , we assumed this should be on some river banks.  From National Highway we took a diversion to a small village surrounded by lush green fields , sugarcane fields - where dry grasses were spread on the road . After passing some 1 km inside , we noticed a small board asking for a diversion towards the temple. This was a mud road with space for only 1 car to pass by surrounded by green fields on both ends. So its better to honk at times , else you may need to shift to reverse gears ! Luckily we were not met with any vehicles and reached the spot quickly. 

The temple seemed little old and looked like renovated with some plasters and paint. We submitted our prayers to the Idol Sri Narasimha and asked the priest about the importance of this place. The priest here was very kind and explained the history of this place in brief.  The poojas were performed by fathers and fore fathers of the priest and hence hereditary.  As per the history , this temple idol is very old about 1000 years ago which was established by Sage Kanva while performing penances. Its believed , one day Lord Narasimha appeared in sage Kanva dreams and directed to build a shrine on the banks of the river and hence the name. At present as there is no much rain in the region , the river is drained out completely and one may only notice scrubs. Later the temple was developed during the period of cholas and later by Wodeyars of Mysore who actually granted them around 16 acres of land for the development of this temple. However the priest said , there are not much development activities taken by the government and most of the facilities were provided by devotees itself.  There is also a belief that with a coconut in hand , walk around the temple chamber chanting the mantram 12 times and tie coconut in the temple premises and pray Lord Narasimha,  then one's wishes will be fulfilled very soon

Temple would be open in the morning between 8 AM to 12 PM . We are not sure on the evening timings as there is no street lights here and it may look pitch dark. We recommend tourists to visit here during early morning hours and there is only 1 road to reach here. Do visit this unique place and share your experiences.

Sri Parashurama Kshetra , Nanjangudu Tourist places - Bangalore weekend destinations

Our team recently visited the infamous pilgrimage destination Nanjangudu Srikanteshwara temple which is considered as Dakshina Kaashi. On the way back they visited Sri Parashurama temple Kshetra . In this post we share few interesting facts about this place and snaps our team captured. 

History of this place :

Parashurama Sage who is considered as another avatar of Lord Vishnu was believed to have performed penance activities at this  place where he felt very happy. Also it is believed it is he who established the Srikanteshwara idol at Nanjangudu next to the Adi keshava idol. Pleased by his penance , Lord Shiva granted him a boon that whoever does a pilgrimage visit Nanjangudu to visit the Shiva linga has to visit and view the Parashurama Idol also , only then the pilgrimage visit to Nanjangudu is complete.

This temple is about less than 1 km from the Srikanteshwara temple and is besides Kapila river surrounded by the national highway to chamrajnagar on one end and green fields on the other. Many visitors who visit Nanjangudu visit here after submitting their prayers at Srikanteshwara temple followed by the belief stated above. At the temple , we found on the sides people selling Jaggery and Rock Salt - it is believed by the people here that who ever submits prayer to Parashurama Idol and leaves the Jaggery with rock salt into Kapila river is sure of getting cured of any ailment problems. 

Temple timings : 08AM to 11 AM  , 05 PM to 06 PM

Sri Parashurama temple , nanjangud - Panoramic View
So friends if you happen to visit Nanjangudu , do visit this nice spot and share your experiences. 
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