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Rent / Lease property - Tips before you go for it

Planning to go for a rented / lease accommodation ? In this real estate article we bring you few tips which may help you while going for a rented property -

1) If you are are going to view a flat / house , take someone with you. To avoid the possibility of a wasted journey , its probably also worth contacting the landlord before you set out to reconfirm your appointment. Two separate opinions give a more balanced view.

2) The rental market is extremely fast moving in some areas. It is therefore important to act quickly. Rented accommodation may go in a matter of hours , If you are not able to view the property without delay . Hence it may be even worth taking time off work , if necessary , in order to have the Upper hand !

3) You should not agree to rent a property without a full and legally binding agreement between you and the landlord. This agreement where you have to sign , if you do not understand anything in details of the terms of tenancy , don't take any risks . Instead , contact a solicitor.

4) If there are any maintenance charges involved , have it mentioned in the agreement. Make sure there are no outstanding bulk electricity and water bills.  Make a note on the furnishing available and mention in the agreement.

5) If you are looking for accomodation through a property agent, you may be asked for payment to view a list of properties on their books , however not for registering your needs.

6) When you have decided the place , the first thing landlord will ask you is to deposit a sum in order to cover any breakages or unpaid rent during the period of your contract. This amount varies from one landlord to the other. Usually in Bangalore it is a practise to accept 10 months rent as Advance. After this tenure of 10 months , rent gets increased by every 5% for next 10 months and so on . However this varies among the landlords.

7) In most cases deposit amounts to a considerable sum of money. It is therefore important in case of private rentals to verify the identity of the owner before you handover the money. Make sure you are dealing with the actual owner especially when large amounts are involved. 

8) Always ask the owner/landlord to provide a document proof and the receipt for money exchanged , with contact details - their address and phone number for later enquiry.

9) If you are dealing with a accomodation agency / broker , it is advised to pay the fees to them individually rather than handing it over to the landlord.

10) Sometimes if you feel difficult to negotiate prices directly with the landlord , take help of a broker who is in good contact with the landlord. Convey your requirements to them and get it well negotiated. Usually a 15-20% discount negotiation is advised to start with which may end up with 8 to 10%. Also decide at what date of the month , you have to pay rent and the grace period.

11) When you plan to vacate your house , owners may hold back some amount in your deposit - for wall paint charges , pending electricity , water bills etc - so make sure these are discussed well in advance during the agreement.

12) Common problem observed in bengaluru is sometimes landlords resist to refund back the full deposit at the time you vacate the house saying they had invested it somewhere else and are expecting the amount from them or till another party comes for rent. So it is advised you plan and inform the owner well 3-4 months in advance before you vacate. This helps them to arrange deposits at proper time.

13) Lease period is usually 3 years in Bengaluru. Nowadays most owners recommend to rent out rather than go for lease. Discuss the tenure with your owner and the option for money payback in case if you happen to vacate before the lease period.

14) Use a standard E-stamp for your agreements. Once you vacate , make sure you and the landowner provide written statements about the settlements on this agreement and take a xerox copy of the same.

15) Planning to go through a broker ? Usually if you have decided on the property and ready to move in , during price negotiation - usually they charge one month's rent / half of one month's rent as fees. In case of lease - it may be 1 to 2% of the total lease amount. So always wise to give a try to search yourself looking at to-let boards , personal contacts , free ads , property search sites like olx , quickr , 99acres, magicbricks etc and yet not found , approach them !!

Hope the above tips should help you while going for your dream house rented or leased and free from few hassles . If found worth , please share the article with your friends in need. Do share your comments and experiences.

Your Passion - why fear ? Go for it.

One of our friend was very interested in learning & had a passion for car driving , but he always had a fear whether he could make it , whether he may meet in some accident , whether will he be able to drive at nights etc. With sheer interest he joined a driving school , attended the classes everyday 30 minutes , learnt about the basics of a Maruti 800 car , later got the driving licence with some influence of the tutor. The next week he decided to purchase a car. He purchased a second hand car , the first day after visiting the temple performing pooja for the car , he tried to drive the car, he was not able to control the car - it was the first time he was attempting to drive without his tutor. No surprise , he hit with an accident immediately and ran into a electric poll pressing the accelerator. The car bumper was seriously damaged and  he was shivering with fear. He managed to get a person passing by to drive his car back home.

Just imagine what may be running on his mind when his fears came into reality and the first day he attempted to drive , met him with accident. For next few days , he did not open his car and was under depression that he was not able to ride properly. We suggested him to again get the tutor teach him on his new car for few days until he felt comfortable. He made this attempt and started learning in his new car with the tutor for 1 week. Later with due care and confidence he practiced day and night for hours driving first on empty roads , next on lightly occupied roads , further on less traffic roads , finally on heavy traffic roads. Today he is a very good driver. Now whenever we discuss about his accident , he laughs at it saying what a silly mistake it was and how he could have avoided and cared his car. 

The above incident would have happened in many of our lives as well. Some of us , may have stopped our passion to drive after fearing the accident incident. When we realize after going through the solution of the problem, we feel it was a very simple problem which we could have solved earlier without fear. This teaches a very valuable lesson -

When we have solution for every problem , why to fear ? Anyway the problem is going to hit us , so why resist it ? Only it asks us to study the solution , follow it , practice with due care , awareness and concentration . At the end , we feel happy that we have solved it. When we fear , we loose our mental stability on understanding the cause of the problem and its solution. So the next time you hit with a problem , do not fear about its consequences , instead think backwards what is the root cause for it and how to solve  it , because good things only happen when you face and go for it.

Liked the above tip ? Share it with facebook and google friends with just a click and help the message reach. We hope you too may have such stories on how you overcame a problem & felt happy after solving it, share in your comments.

Make bread laddu in minutes

How to make Bread laddu in minutes - Try out these simple steps


- 1/4 kg Bread
- 1/4 kg sugar
- a cup of ghee
- 1/4 spoon cardomom powder


1) Make small pieces of bread
2) Paste some ghee over the bread and fry it till it turns mild brown
3) Allow it to cool down. Later smash it into powder pieces .
4) Add sugar and 1 cup of water in a bowl and boil till the solution gets to a very strong sugar syrup. Add cardamom powder to it, Add the bread pieces to it and stir the mix slowly
5) Once this mixture is fully mixed, switch off the gas .
6) Once the mix is light warm , prepare required shapes for laddu.
7) Add cashew, dry grapes as garnish and serve.

Share your bread laddu experiences!

Big Boss, why watch it top reasons

Some may just see it as a entertainment program , some for fun , some for time pass , while some may see it as learning experience. Yes, this is one real wonderful concept reality show which makes the participant realize what they really are , what they are worth. Hence has become one of the popular audience television programmes.

Leaving Alone separated from family members is not easy , but at the same time a participant becomes more self dependent. Leaving with strange people for many months without access to daily usage equipment like TV, mobile etc is a real challenge. 

While performing game tasks , one learns the team work skills , understand the mentality of fellow participants. Tricks , Tactics , bad emotions all gets reduced day by day as the mind slowly moves towards patience.

During Nominations to leave the house, one actually realizes whether they have managed to win the trust of their fellow beings , the 

ones inside the house. This concept teaches a valuable lesson , if you want to win a game - first learn to be good with fellow beings. If you do good , you get better returns and stay longer without getting nominated. Open nomination discussions - one gets the experience of withstanding pressure moments , mixed emotions and how to convince others with clear reasons why they are nominated.

When one gets nominated , we see sometimes they become more active even when they were not before getting nominated - to get votes from people outside to save them. So the fear of nomination & elimination - has made one to open up. This concept teaches a valuable lesson - nothing is permanent in this world , enjoy your present moments at the fullest , if you delay to show what you really are - you may be out of the game without really showing the world what you are !! Be real - don't hide. 

Elimination , one realizes how popular they are in the outside world - have they really managed to win the hearts of people outside. Are they really good among people outside who love to see them in the house for more time. Just participation doesn't work , a good network of friends and contacts is necessary to keep one voted in the game. It shows the trust of how many people they have earned in their lives.

So, what do you watch Big Boss for ? Share your comments and thoughts.
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