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How to live long - Young at heart - a short story

Few months back we met an old man when attending some programme. He was very active roaming here and there , chatting with people , guiding them. We came to know from someone in the group that this old man is 98 years old. But he did not look that old and seemed to be around 60 years from outlook. In the same program there were few people of aged and 40 years who used to prattle about getting tired working around. This old man used to laugh at them and used to make fun of them how weak they are.

The old man's grandson met us and informed - "Sir , my grandfather last week celebrated his 98th birthday . Do you know how grand it was ? He took photos , Videos etc . Not even young children celebrate like that. Usually people who get old don't celebrate their birthday nowadays, we were curious to talk to this old man and met him and asked casually "Grandpa , you are going to hit century. Is-int it?" . The old man replied laughing - "100 years , yes definitely - there are only 2 years left" and patted hard on our back. By the time we relax from is pat he again said - "What is 100 after reaching 98 itself ?" and patted hard again. His pat had the effect which a 25 year old young person would had. We curiously asked , "Grandpa , we too want to live for 100 years - what should we do?". The old person replied - "Its very easy , first you live for 99 years , the 100th year comes by itself" . We  were surprised by the thoughts and enthusiasm this old man showed. 

While this conversation went on , one young person who seemed to be sad sat with us . The old man asked - "What happened , why are you so sad?" . The young man said "Grandpa , today is not a good day for me - whatever I do everything is failing ?". The old person consoled him saying slowly - "Fool , how can a day be bad ? Your mind would have been bad. Every day is a miracle. If I had not lived that day , it would have not existed for me. That is why a day which exists if far better from a day which does not exists. Correct your mind. If you have failed , lost something - don't worry , work again on it with enthusiasm. Then that day becomes a good day for you." 

We come across one set of - people when getting old think life is a heavy weight for them to carry further. The other set like this old man who lives every day with the same enthusiasm thinking that its God's miraculous gift. From this short story we understand , everything is inside our mind and heart. Its up to us to choose the right set.

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Buy an Apartment or Independent House or Villa in Bangalore ?

Well this is one brain storming question for some of Bengaluru first-time own home aspirants. We have been receiving requests to post articles on this topic. In this post we have tried to share our suggestions and feedback which may assist some of new buyers to take good decision based on their requirements. In this post we have taken - Apartments , Villas, Independent House purchase, New home Construction aspects based on current trends in Bengaluru. Each option has their own pros and cons - which suits a specific category of buyers depending on their budgets , desired location and constructions. ** These points suit only to Bengaluru Location.

Apartments :

Pros -
* Security Factor - this is major influencing factor. Most of apartments have security staffs who guard the buildings keeping your family and homes safe. 
* Amenities Factor - Such as continuous Power Backup , Water storage , Fitness centers , Reserved Parking , Children Play Area , Indoor games etc. Some have community party halls which come at a reduced maintenance cost. Some have jogging track , park facilities for morning evening relaxes.
* Community Factor - you will always be a part of community , helpful for children , as many families live under a common place.
* Location Factor - you may get a budget apartment at a lesser cost in a developed location where it may cost more to purchase land or independent house. Hence may be near to colleges , schools , hospitals etc.
* Repair Factor - Any peace disturbing repairs such as electrical , mechanical , drainage etc should arise , maintenance staff of the association can be reached within quick time and problem resolution.
* Rent Factor - Apartment associations contacts within help & reduce the efforts in searching tenants.
* Loan Factor - Usually builders tie up with many banks , hence reducing the time & efforts in the loan process.
* Option to book a flat at earlier construction stages at a reduced cost may prove advantageous, some builders also accept your plan at this stage and construct accordingly.

Cons -
* Alterations Factor - In most cases there is little scope of Building alteration unless its a high end apartment. Depending on your family expansion needs , you will be forced to plan earlier as house expansions are limited.
* Pets - In many apartments Pets are not allowed , hence if you are a serious pet lover you will need to look for a high end apartment.
* Resale Factor - Resale value compared to independent house is little less. This however depends on negotiation. Also many small apartment builders nowadays do not provide Occupancy  Certificate(OC) and Completion Certificate (CC) which is a essential document during Khatha process & resale for the new buyer to avail loans. Make sure to get this from your builder.
* Gardening Factor - If you love gardening having desire to plant trees etc - most of the apartments offer limited opportunities. You may have to purchase park space at a price.
* Nocturnal neighbors - If you come across some neighbors who stay late at night chatting talking - the voice around may disturb
* Floor / Common Wall noises - May be irritating for some as they stay under floors , noises while dragging items , dance etc may disturb.
* Family members Age Factor - Some apartments may not be suitable for aged people if the lifts are difficult to handle or there are no lifts , climbing stairs would be difficult.
* Extra Maintenance cost - though this is not a cons , if costs are too high - it may affect your regular budgets.
* Furnishing at extra cost - though this is not a cons , many builders don't provide furnishing which may add up to some extra cost to your budget
* VAT & service taxes extra - though this is not a cons , first time buyers should be aware there is certain amount of VAT & service taxes extra on the basic  cost and registration charges. 

Independent House purchase , New home constructions :

Pros -
* Flexible Alterations - You are the owner and can alter your building anytime with plan approved from BBMP/BDA/BMRDA/respective authorities. 
* Pets - No hassles if you are a pet lover , nobody will get disturbed unless the pet crosses your building ;)
* Resale Factor - Good resale compared to apartment , as the land prices are ever increasing in Bengaluru. This however depends on negotiation.
* Common wall noises etc will be minimal.
* Gardening - no limits , at your wish within your home area limits.

Cons -
* Security - a greater risk if you are staying in remote areas having very less constructed homes nearby. This can however be compensated with security guards and devices with some cost. Development of a new layout takes some 4-5 years. 
* Nowadays the cost of plot in Bengaluru within city limits are high as free plots are scarce , you may end up paying more when compared to a apartment of same area.
* Amenities like power backup , water storage etc come at a extra cost and should be preplanned.
* Repairs - getting labour is little difficult and may take more time for fixes.
* Rent factor - sometimes owners have to approach brokers with a minimal cost spent on commissions.
* Loans - extra efforts to be put in discussing with banks for approval when compared to apartments.

Villas , Row Houses :

Pros -
* They combine the pros of apartment & independent houses if under a gated community, where you get the option of security , amenities etc at a very minimal cost , at the same time full flexibility to alter your spaces.
* Some projects include Shopping Malls etc - so easy access to daily needs like groceries etc.

Cons -
* Usually nowadays budget villa projects are little far from city i.e 20-25 kms. May suite buyers having offices & friends nearby. Security a concern outside the gate - if the nearby locations are not that occupied / busy.
* In some projects - Bus , Train services etc may not be near. Takes more time to reach your friends & relatives staying at cities due to travel time.
* Access to Hospitals , medical centers may be little difficult if the project is not including any in-house facilities and hospitals are not nearby. 

Hope the above information is useful to some new buyers to make a decision to purchase their dream home in bengaluru. If you find this useful , please share with your facebook & google community friends who are in need and help them to get these useful tips. 

We are sure , you being a land / home owner will have lot to comment about your experiences. Keeping sharing your valuable comments.

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