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Live the moment - Do not lament the brevity of life !!

May Fly
We read one interesting article on organisms with shortest life span on this link - http://akorra.com/2010/03/04/top-10-shortest-living-organisms/

This kept us wondering how lucky we human beings are and at the same time felt sorry for some who are not realizing the importance of their existence and spending their time in vain.  If you read the above article , you will notice that a insect MayFly just survives for maximum 24 hours . Shocked !! - yes its maximum 24 hours or even lesser than that from its birth and its sole purpose is to hatch and reproduce. While Housefly and bees exist for maximum 3 weeks - spending most of their time for the good of the hive.

Some of us we human beings keep lamenting about our problems on short time , worried about our future plans etc without a common understanding that we are not going to stay permanently on earth with the same scope forever. Realization of our existence and need for it helps one to know what one should plan and become in this short span when living on earth and the make the best of "living at the moment". Some of human beings , spend all the time working day and night - earning money , storing in banks for future , without enjoying fully the best of current moments of their life and at a later time lament on the past that they could not achieve what they wanted to do. Also , the whole future is based on Hope on which this world is running , so the best guarantee of life is to live the moment to the fullest wherever you are. Our beloved Sir M. Vishveshwaraya hence said "Plan the work . Work the Plan" .

So what would you do if you were a MayFly with 24 hours life span ? Think on it and share your comments.

Daasara padagalu mp3 songs by Sri Venkatesh Alkod

Sri Venkatesh Alkod

Here we bring you some of nice Devotional mp3 collections - Daasara padagalu - sung by renown singer  Sri Venkatesh Alkod , guided under Sri Padma Bhushan PuttaRajakavigavaayi. You may reach him on venkatesh.alkod@gmail.com for concerts.

Few of his music compositions are shared here in our blog to promote his music to Kannada community worldwide.  Click on the link to preview / download the songs.

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Raju Ananthaswamy kannada mp3 songs Bhavageethe collection

Raju Ananthaswamy

Raju AnanthaSwamy , son of Mysore Ananthaswamy was one of the finest music music composers and singers of Kannada Music.

He had a very unique voice and style of singing. He also was a very talented music instruments player who loved playing tabla , guitar. Today he is not with us , but has left behind his great music as his gift.

In our blog , we bring you out few of his special Bhavageethe collections . This is only to promote his music to Kannada community world wide.

Click on the songs links to preview / download.
Love the songs ? If yes , then invite more joy by sharing this link with your facebook , google plus friends.

Please buy much more of his Kannada music collections at Kannada stores and promote Kannada music.

Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple , Maddur - one day trip from Bangalore

Our team visited one of the famous Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple in Maddur District , Karnataka. This temple is at around 5-6 kms from the Bangalore - Maddur highway.

The travel to this temple is refreshing and welcomes with green paddy fields , shimsha river banks and the villages. Lord Shiva is worshiped here. Vaidya in kannada means Doctor. It is believed , anyone who worships  with full bhakti and alms here - is definite to get cured from all diseases and stay healthy. People from all over the state visit here and take the blessings of the lord. 

Temple is open from morning 7 AM to 12 PM and later in the evening between 04 PM to 08 PM. There are frequent 3 wheeler autos from the temple to Maddur bus station and vice-versa. There are only few shops nearby and not much restaurants. 

If you are planning for a relaxing one day long drive trip from Bangalore with your friends and family then this destination does not disappoint you. Many other popular destination Sri Ugra Narasimha temple , Sri Hole Anjaneya temple , Sri AthmaLingeshwara temple , KokkareBennur are nearby.

Green paddy fields near Vaidyanatheshwara temple

Bridge near Vaidyanatheshwara temple river banks

Shimsha river view

Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple Gopuram

Shimsha river banks opposite to temple

Sri Vaidyanatheshwara temple front view

Truck carrying sugarcane

Hole Anjaneya swamy temple, Maddur - an awesome spot one day trip from Bangalore

Our team was very lucky to visit this spot in Maddur. Here we bring out this awesome spot in Maddur.

Sri Hole Anjaneya Swamy temple , Maddur

This temple in Maddur of Mandya district on the banks of Simsha river and is one of the famous spiritual centres in Maddur. It is around 3-4 kilometers from Maddur Bus station. It is famously known as "Hole Anjaneya Swamy" temple. It is beleived the lord Hanuman Idol here was established by SriPadaRaja and Vyasaraja gurus and hence finds its importance.

It is believed that this temple was constructed 550 years ago during the period of Vijayanagar kings. The idol is very unique of its kind where lord Hanuman extends his two fingers signifying Dvaita preaching of Madhwacharya , one hand has Sougandikha flower representing Bhima , a bell in the tail and a hair knot.

Hole Anjaneya Swamy river banks
People nearby say that this idol height has increased by 1/2 inch in recent years . Also people say - a miracle happened during the fest of Ramanavami in 2004 - where even after the temple doors were closed , sounds of bells , shanka , drums and jagate were heard . Later during the year 2011 , during Lunar Eclipse (Chandra Grahana) similar miracle was experienced.
Temple Ratha

This temple is surrounded with lush green paddy fields , trees and river which makes it a great spot to visit. Also once notices cranes in the paddy fields - as this is very near to the crane breeding spot KokkareBennur.

Temple is open from morning 07 AM to 12 PM and from 04 PM to 07 PM in the evening. If you are planning for a long oneday weekend trip with your family and friends this is one of the spots we recommend.

Green paddy fields - Cranes  , Maddur

Awesome Tree roadside paddy fields , Maddur

Farming Lands , Maddur

Sri Ugra Narasimha Swamy temple , Maddur , Karnataka

Sri Narasimha swamy temple , Maddur
Our team happen to visit one of the historic temples of Karnataka , Sri Ugra NarasimhaSwamy temple which is around 1 kilometer from the Maddur - Bangalore highway near Maddur.  Here we bring out our visit experience.

This temple is very unique of its kind. The history of this temple kept us mesmerized.
Sri Narasimhaswamy temple , Maddur

History of this temple

It is believed during the end of Dwapara yuga , Arjuna wished to see Sri Krishna in Narasimha avatar darshan. But lord Krishna refused and in return lord Brahma established this idol.

This idol is quite unique which has 8 hands and 3 eyes. These 8 hands depict the way Lord Narasimha killing Asura Hiranyakashyap. Also the idols of Soumya Nayaki , Narasimha Nayaki the wives of Lord Narasimha are present here. It is believed this temple lost its charm during the period of Hoysalas and then later got renovated. As saints used to visit the river nearby here before submitting their duties , the river was also known as Kadamba River.

Sri Varadarajaswamy temple , Maddur
History of Varadaraja Swamy temple - Hoysala King Sri Vishuvardhana's mother was suffering with eyesight problem. Raja guru Sri Ramanujacharya advised to visit Sri VaradaRaja temple in kanchi and take blessings. As his mother was too old and could not afford travelling to kanchi , Vishnuvardhana established Sri Varadaraja temple here with a beautiful 16 feet idol. Also its beleived later eyesight problems of his mother got cured , due to which this is also famous as KanchiKanvaradaraja swamy.  Also besides this is another old , Sri Pattabhirama temple.

Sri Pattabhirama temple , Maddur
Temple is open from morning 07 to noon 12 PM and later in the evening between 05 PM to 08 PM. Many devotees visit here to take the darshan of lord and conduct special poojas. If you are planning for a one day long trip from Bangalore with your family , then this destination suits the best. Also other places of interest nearby is Kokkarebenur - the cranes spot , Sri HoleAnjaneya Swamy temple , Sri Vaidhyanatheshwara swamy temple , Sri AthmaLingeshwara swamy temple.

Hope this article helps some. Stay Healthy , Keep travelling - Enjoy madi !!

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