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In this post , we bring out collections of wisdom quotations and thoughts from various personalities and sources which shall be constantly updated . If you like these , share the good work with your facebook , google friends with just a click and help the good messages reach.

Children should be given good education to bring in peace to the world - Mahatma Gandhiji

One who shares his food with others will never be suffering from hunger - Thiruvalluvar

If you are not confident with yourself , then you are not confident about God as well - Swami Vivekananda

What is God ? It is the breath of the breathe - Kabeer

I have nothing to give to God . Hence i gave myself - GuruNanak

One who are ready to become public servants are really great persons - Dr.B.R.Ambedkhar

Happiness is nothing but good health and bad memories 
Difficulties one faces who follows dharma, Happiness one gets with Adharma always remain for a shorter period - finally what wins is Dharma - Dharmaraya

Experience is the greatest teacher. Learning till we breathe , Gaining Knowledge should be one's life goals - Swami Vivekananda

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind - Mahathma Gandhiji

One earns respect in society when he delivers what he promised - ThinkBangalore collections

We are first Indians and then later Hindus,Muslims and Christians - Mahathma Gandhiji

Its not just sufficient to learn moral values , but should always apply them - Jawaharlal Nehru

To advise a fool , is like making a fire ritual using ashes - Mahabharatha

Your good qualities are your ornaments which no one can snatch  - ThinkBangalore collections

To make a good decision , its requires awareness not the counts - Pluto

Instead of winning thousands of enemies outside, it is better to win oneself - Mahaveera

If you want to donate to poor people publicly it is good , but it is better to donate in personal and avoid publicity - Quran

Happiness is not a goal. Its a byproduct of a goal - Eleanor Roosevelt

Criticize your friend in a lone place , But praise him in front of others - Emerson

There are two categories of people in this world. One who live and still remain dead and others who live even after dead. I would like to belong to the second category - Master Hirannaya

If there are 100 reasons for being unhappy , there are 1000 reasons for being happy - we need to always try to find out those reasons and remain happy - ThinkBangalore collection

All the biographies of great personalities have one thing in common , they always tried once more after facing failure  - ThinkBangalore collection

It is not a wise idea to spoil your health for a non guaranteed profit - P.B.Shelly

No one grants independence , it comes from struggle - Subhash Chandra Bose

Knowledge is the light for life's happiness - Khaleel Gibran 

A man does not become corrupt when in power , but gets corrupt with the greed of retaining power - John Steinbeck

When you know What you know and What you don't know then you get knowledge - Confucius

Ignorance is like a curse , Knowledge is the wings to heaven - William Shaksephere

One who does not have courage is a poorest of the poor , how can one come out of disease without courage - Shakespeare

Keep it simple in every aspect , your work will be simple just like picking a flower from a plant - Shivaram Karanth

If we try to do anything which we don't respect , happiness stays far from us - Freya Starc

A person who is not progressing can be immediately identified as a fool - Premchand

We lose when we forget our principles and focus on goals - Jawaharlal Nehru

The easiest way to handle future is by taking care of present. Without handling this it is difficult to construct tomorrows - Francis Beckon

Those enemies are trustable who say the rough truth than those friends who say sweet lies - Robert Bralt

It is a great sin to advise philosophy for a person who is starving from hunger - Swami Vivekananda

Decision Making is a mind's thing , If the mind's thoughts are not accepted by heart , it should be rejected - Mahathma Gandhiji

One who does not know how to lead a happy life is not at all a human - Sarvagna

A teacher without self learning cannot teach another person just like a candle which cannot lit other candles until it is lit - Rabindranath Tagore

Good advises are not always respected. That does not mean you should stop giving good advises - Agaatha christi 

A luck person gets an opportunity , a wise man creates an opportunity , but only the one who utilizes the opportunity in a good way succeeds - Swami Vivekananda

From small experiences once may learn big truths - SaiBaba

While in travel , knowledge is a friend . While at home , wife is a friend . While at disease , medicine is a friend - Chanakya

To be a ideal husband is more difficult than being a ideal priest - Swami Vivekananda

Money is not the cause for Failure. It is the power and capacity which matters - Daniel Webstar

Money earned from injustice and illegal means do not provide satisfaction - Panje Mangesharaya

A great character is one who does not feel happy finding mistakes in others and who does not give way to develop qualities for others to find mistakes in them - Bhagavad Geetha

It is not wise to think about the future black day without being happy with the existing full moon day - Dr.Nizaar Ahmed

Real dream is not the one which we get during sleeping. The one which keeps us awake with sleepless nights is the real dream - Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam

If I have to tell what I have learnt from life after seeing all the worlds , I would say - "Life moves on" - Robert Frost

Living Life is the most seldom thing in this world, most of them just live , that's it - Oscar Wild

Live as if it's your last day on earth , Keep Learning as if you will live forever on this earth - Mahatma Gandhiji

Problems are not Stop points. They are directions - Robert Shiller

We are never old to have new dreams and new goals - C.A.Louis

To progress ahead in any work , first step is to start off - Mark Twayne

Having faith is life , suspicion is death - Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

He one wins the world - who does not lose faith during difficulties , who  does not show pride during riches , who does not fear while doing any work - KathasarithaSagar

One cannot fulfill big tasks unless he puts on good hard work - Sir. M.V

Laziness is a violent disease - Gandhiji

God has no religion - M.Gandhiji

An ordinary teacher only says, A good teacher explains well while a great teacher explains with an example - William Arthurword

I am thankful for my father for the fact of living . I am thankful for my teacher for the fact I am living well - Alexander

Every new minute is there to indicate something new is possible , do not worry about the past - D.R.Bendre

One should not alone take decision on a important matter - Panchathanthra

Profession never cheats a person , but a person may cheat his profession - Russian Proverb

Whenever possible always be piteous , It is always possible - Dalai Lama

If you think something is not correct , try to correct it . When the correction doesn't happen , change your thinking - Maya Angelo

Those who sacrifice their Ego for a position , they are good men - Barthrihari

You become weak and stressed when you get angry . Anger affects even a self motivated person - Vinodha Bhave

Live and let others live - Gautham Buddha

Sun, moon and truth. These 3 cannot be hidden for long time - Gautham Buddha

I know what I am , but I should also know what I am not am - Shakesphere

Instead of telling "Yes Will do" to satisfy someone , to avoid problems it is better to say "No,I cannot" with a pure heart - Mahathma Gandhiji

It is not just enough to know morals , but should apply follow them - Jawaharlal Nehru

There is no use to perform rounds around a temple without focused mind - Sarvagna

For a hungry person, god comes in the form of food - Mahathma Gandhiji

A man who is not having a penny is not poor , but a man who is not having dreams is poor - Swami Vivekananda

When you want to climb up , you have to hold the stem and branch , not the flowers and fruits - African Proverb

Just like a lamp light would not exist  without oil , man would not exist without god - Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Our first responsibility should be not to underrate our-self - Swami Vivekananda 

Every child which takes birth indicates a good message that God is still not sad about humans - Ravindranath Tagore

The fruits and respect gained from hard work lasts long - Gandhiji

Only with good health one can achieve great success and heights - Swami Vivekananda

A wise man should not do a work which insults others - Ramayana

Sometimes we fail when we try to express exceeding our limits - Swami ViveKanand

Whatever work you do , you should put your heart,mind and soul to it to succeed - Swami Vivekananda

Those who adjust with Disrespect,Humiliation,Rejection,Hesitation will never come up - Shankaracharya

One should not speak words which would hurt others - Mahaveera

If one learns how to be a slave under a master , he automatically earns the qualities of a master - Swami Vivekananda

During a fight , he who knocks down the other is not a winner always. He who controls anger is also a winner - Gokule

Mind is the source of all activities , one cannot perform great activities unless mind is kept pure - SharadaDevi

It is better to have an enemy who is intelligent rather than having a friend who is stupid - Shakespeare

A creative person doesn't get poor , A silent person doesn't invite quarrels , A cautious person doesn't fear - Panchathantra

One who cheats others and uses that money for donation reaches hell - Mahabharatha

A egoist always has a doubtful mind - Shivaram Karanth

In bhakthi , there is dedication , no requirement - Ravindranath Tagore 

Humans don't move forward to learn from other's mistakes , they learn after meeting with problems themselves - Vinodha Bhave

One who condemns other languages is usually lack knowledge of his own language - Garaate

To achieve something on this earth one has to seed in its feel - Kuvempu

He has attained freedom who rules himself without spoiling others - D.R.Bendhre

Everything goes a waste when a person does work with Egoism - Kabeer

He who leaves vanity is lovable by everyone - Mahabharatha

Life is nothing but a fair of experiences - Shivaram Karanth

You should always try to beat yourself everytime and it should be practiced throughout your life - Chrisitina

Being tolerant when wealthy , being patient during problems , being courageous during war are essential qualities - Batruhaari

The best ready medicine for mind is nothing else than silence - Bhagavad Gita

When we try to show the power which we do not posses we fail - Swami Vivekananda

Don't stay back in front of problems , rather face them - George Marshal

Nobody can be great without making mistakes - Mother Teresa

There is always a danger with Inexperience and without knowledge - Tirumale Rajamma

Self Demotivation is bad when compared to Self appraisal . It brings down ones value - B.M.Sreekantaya

The biggest enemy of a angry person is his anger. It will not let him go without destroying him - Tiruvalavar

We should always practice to do our own work ourselves. Hands are one of the most valuable asset man has - Gandhiji

Good deeds done to create impression are really not good . Deeds done having the fear of impression are bad - China Proverb

Big achievements cannot be made by cheating . Only With love and real

interest one can achieve high levels - Periar Ramaswamy Naikar

Laziness is death, Occupation is life - Swami RamaTheertha

When it comes to superstitious , wise men follow the words of foolish men - Francis Beken

There is no better religion than showing Sympathy towards others , There is no better weapon than apologizing one's mistake - GuruNanak

Coward people always drink the salt water from their father's plowed well - Panchatanthra

He is a fool who does not depend on the current opportunity and thinks of still better opportunity in future - Mahabharata

An oil in water , knowledge in wise men expand with self strength - Chanakya

Do not regret about people talking behind you, Be happy that you are ahead of them - Alexander

A good poet always realizes his mistakes and work , A bad poet always thinks no one is better than him - Kuvempu

The path never ends till we keep walking , there are endless opportunities till we keep accepting them , these are world's message to us - V.Gokhak

A work once done should be taken care and tested such that it does not repeat - Vyasa

If our minds are pure , it and we will be strong - Gandhiji

A selfish mind cannot have love - Premachand

Being quiet when speaking out is expected & speaking out when being quite is expected are both mistakes - Syed Saadi

Every problem has a solution. With this faith , every difficulty is solved - Aaluru Venkataraya

The work done with self satisfaction without worrying about the returns ,does not make us sad even when we get cheated from it - DVG

Sometimes it is not possible to change one's character by just guidance just like water cools back after heating - Panchatantra

It is better to leave our life as a message to speak on rather than we speaking about ourselves - Gandhiji

Real religion is about respecting other religions - Mahabharata

Wise people always first try to realize their mistakes - Swami Vivekananda

A cheerful person can never be poor - Hitchcock

The dearest friend of a liar is "Fear" . The dearest friend of a truthful person is "No Fear" - Jawaharlal Nehru

A person always travels in the right direction when he has control over his senses - Barhtruhaari

There is no religion like Truth and no sin like being Untruth , hence it is not good to disrepute truth - Ramayana

In general there are no friends and foes , all take birth from business.
When one makes enemies as his friends enemies are destroyed - Abraham Lincoln

It is always better to speak less than we we know about a matter - William Shakespeare

Politeness and Confidence are two essential characters required in life - Mark Twine

If we have to move forward in our life , we should learn from other's mistakes constantly and apply them - Dr.Ambedkar

Music is man's most effective way to induce feeling. It helps to forget difficulties and relax for a moment - T.Choudaya

Egoism or Ahankara means to keep collecting , travelling . It always expects recognition - Ravindranath Tagore

The Enthusiam a person has is the only assest in his life - Tiruvalavar

Insects affect crops , Desire affects humans - Gautam Buddha

Always any work which brings in great satissfaction at last should be done - Yogavashishta

Our wealth increases when we quit jealous - Pluto

Always keep laughing when you can , it is a good medicine - Byran

Just like creating a poem , enjoying the poem is also a creative Art - Kuvempu

Failure leads to Success Inspiring short story from Steve Jobs life

In this post we bring out a short inspiring story on Steve Jobs - how some failures in his life lead to one of the secret of success. When we mention about Steve Jobs , everyone know about about his Creativity. He was also considered one among the great creative icons of this century. He had a special character - even his enemies used to praise his efforts and dedication towards work. His life was full of up and downs - He went to college and later dropped out , later roamed around trying different things , when he was 20 , started a small company in his home garage along with his friend and named it 'Apple'. In the next 10 years , this company grew at a rapid pace and employed 4000 people with 2 billion dollars turn over. As company grew , he employed few more intelligent members in the team. Everything went well for next 1-2 years and suddenly , there crept in some difference in opinions in the team. The company directors met together and took a major decision i.e, to quit Steve jobs !! . 

Steve was 30 when he had to leave his own built firm. He was very disappointed and depressed , was not knowing what to do next and for next 4-6 months spent time thinking on that. He once sat and thought - "It is real that I have lost my company, but have always loved the work I did". He met his investors who had faith in him and apologized personally. He also promised , he shall not disappoint them and would start a new company. Immediately along with some of his friends he started a company "Next" , After 2 years started another company "Pixar". He worked very hard day and night , just like he loved his work - he also fell in love with a girl Laurene and married later.

Next company grew so rapidly that his earlier owned ex-firm Apple bought it and Steve Jobs was again appointed as CEO of Apple - this seemed like his life clock completed one turn and returned back at its initial point. Later Steve jobs grew as a eminent entrepreneur and gained popularity worldwide. During some interview when he was asked about his success secret , on the ups and downs he faced , he replied - "This would have not happened if I was not fired from Apple. That incident was like having a most bitter medicine for me. It was bitter , however it was essential for my well being. It helped me gain more attentiveness slowly. Sometimes in our life , we are attacked by big problems , but we should not loose faith. Only one thing saved me during that time - the love I had in my work. None of the jobs bring us success that we do without love. Nothing is permanent. If we think and has a limited aim to only to own a house and stay back , we permanently lay back in life and do not grow. We should always work with new visions , have new thirst in the things we love to do." 

These wisdom words from Steve jobs are so real. Some may have a job even when they don't love the work they do - which may bring in - money and home , but it may not bring great success and lead to individual growth. To succeed and make great achievements , we should consistently do the work we love deep in our hearts and should always think on those activities. Lets not stay back by just owning a house - let us move further working hard on the things which we love to do . Unconsciously , It leads us to great heights of success.

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RamaDevara Betta , Ramgiri , Ramanagar - awesome hill spot one day trip from Bangalore

We bring in this post one of the awesome hill trekking spot our team visited . The Rama Devara Betta (Lord Rama Hill rock)  , Ramagiri kshetra in Ramanagar - which is about 49 kms from Bangalore city central and around 3 kms from Bangalore-Ramanagar-Mysore Highway.

RamaDevara Betta - on the way narrow roads

We reached the spot just before noon and it was quite hot sunny day. The 3kms route from Highway to this spot was very interesting  and felt adventurous while be passed by narrow roads surrounded by rocky hills. Moment we reached the temple arch located at round 3000ft below the temple hill , the security greeted us and showed way to the ample parking space with a minimal charge of Rs.10. For two wheelers its Rs.5.  They informed , there were 400 stairs to reach the temple. 

RamaDevara Betta - Entrace Arch

RamaDevara Betta - Stairs to climb Hill top
RamaDevara Betta - Awesome scenic spot

The entrance had a small Ganesha idol, we took his blessings and started our mission climbing the RamaDevara Betta. 

We got a feel we are entering into some rocky jungle while we climbed the stairs, surrounded by age old rocks , bushes and trees. 
RamaDevara Betta - Awesome view while climbing stairs
People here say that this place is known for Vultures and Bears, however they are known to be active during nights. We found few clues when we saw some small caves in the rocks. 

RamaDevara Betta - Hanuman and Shiva Temples rock face
While we passed half of the stairs , we were greeted by Lord Shiva and Hanuman temples and felt relaxed taking the Darshan and the satisfaction of completing half of the adventurous journey. We very soon climbed through the rest of the stairs and reached our final destination , The Hill top Rama temple. There were around 380 stone stair steps to reach here and we made it in around 30-40 minutes. 

RamaDevara Betta - Rama temple outside view
RamaDevara Betta Rama Temple close view

This temple is of Historic Importance dating to Ramayana 1000s of years ago - the temple priest informed during Ramayana  , King of Vanaras , Sugreeva established this idol when Lord Rama helped him in killing Asura Sukasura. This was later identified and renovated by Kempegowda, the founder of Bangalore.

RamaDevera Betta - Temples view from Tower on Hill top
RamaDevara Betta Gopuram on Hill  top

RamaDevara Betta - Sita pond
There is a small pond , which they refer as "Sita pond" . The priest said there is a mystery behind this pond and nobody knows how deep it is . Once some foreigners visited here and tried to measure the pond depth using some instruments , they went till 2000-3000ft with no end and returned back with no clue. This place is restricted for use and any kind of access to the pond as its dangerous too.

Also next to Rama temple is , Lord Rameshwara and Nandi temples . The priest informed , these idols were Udbhava idols ( created by itself ) , there is a view tower infront of this temple where people visit to get a good view of the surroundings.

RamaDevara Betta - Lord Rama Idol

RamaDevara Betta - Lord Rameshwara & Nandi Idols
RamaDevara Betta - Lord Hanuman Idol
We were allowed to take snaps of Idols. We have posted in our blog to draw in more tourists.

We traveled around the hill top at various points and filled our eyes with some awesome scenic hill beauties , one can get a view of Ramanagar and the hills it is surrounded by . There were easy access to walk around the hill top.

RamaDevara Betta - Hill top scenic
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view

RamaDevara Betta - Hill top Couples spot

We also noticed many couples from nearby locations visited here ;) which makes it a lovers picnic spot too !!
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top awesome tree
After all these we descended back to ground . This place is one of the must visit tourist destinations and is an awesome one day trip from Bangalore. One can plan this with friends or family groups. It is always better to visit here in groups. We found a petty shop selling some cool drinks and snacks - rest there were no shops. So we recommend you to carry ample food supplies when you visit here.
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
 The priest informed they do not open this temple between morning 08 AM to evening 05 to 06 PM on Saturday,Sunday,Monday and Wednesdays as there is no people inflow on other days. So better plan it on a weekend. Aged people may find it little hard to climb the steps , but enthusiasts still make it to the top!  

RamaDevara Betta - Hill top sight view
RamaDevara Betta - Hill top tree view
Best time to visit this place is in the early morning hours on a weekend. We wish this article should help get you rolling a visit plan a visit to this awesome destination. If worth , please share and discuss this link with your facebook, twitter, google friends in just a click and invite more friends to the trip. Visit & Share your experiences. 

A short story on how to control Anger and frustration

She was a young tortoise. Just like human kids going to school for studies , these tortoises also had a school near a sea bank. Her parents used to send her to the school. But she always felt the school boring as the teachers there always taught the same topic on how to catch fishes , how to swim for long time without getting tired, how to get away from Sharks etc . She used to get frustrated hearing to the same topics and in anger sometimes used to open her mouth wide open and bite nearby other kid tortoises. Due to this other tortoises started avoiding her which still increased her frustration and she continued to cultivate the anger. This went on and the teachers made her to sit in a lone place which further increased her anger and started feeling lonely. Once after school , she was very angry by the way she was getting treated at school and swam her way back to home.. Suddenly she realized she was going in the opposite direction of her home as her mind was overwhelmed by anger. Just before she was turning back to her route , she noticed a big structure was approaching towards her. When it came near , she realized it was a big old tortoise which may be older than 100 years. She remembered her mother's saying that these old tortoises have enough experience and memories and provide good guidance.
Control Anger , Frustration - Be Happy

By the time she thought of speaking , the old tortoise patted on her back and said - "Child , why are you looking depressed ? ". She suddenly burst into tears and explain about her experiences at school and how she was treated which caused her boredom and anger.  The old tortoise then thought for a minute and advised her - " Yes child, even when I was young I also faced the same problem which you are facing now. There is a solution to this. You should do 3 activities when you start getting angry or frustrated. One - the moment when you feel you are getting angry , hide your neck inside your shell and close your eyes. Two - Take a deep breath 3 times and relax yourself and Finally Three - Think what you can do or tell which will not hurt others. Practice this and within some period your problem will be solved.". She understood the tips given by the old tortoise, thanked him and started following the steps. Whenever she felt angry , used to hide her neck , relax for a minute with deep breath and come out with a refreshing smile. Other tortoises looking at her also shared a gentle smile. As time passed by , she became popular and lived happily.

The above story applies to we humans also - Whenever we feel depressed / Angry / frustrated - if we can control it for a moment , take a deep breath and relax our minds , we can avoid the bad consequences of anger and our reactions will not hurt others. This also improves our relationship and rapport with others. Turning Anger to a Gentle Smile inside your mind is a effective tool to control anger and live happily.

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