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Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya , Bangalore

This is one of the magnificent temples in Bangalore  located at Murugeshpalya , Bangalore which is around 10kms from the city center.

Entrance Shiv ling , Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya
Our team visited this temple and have collected details with some amazing snaps. This reminds us of the famous Sri SidhiVinayak Temple in Mumbai. We bring it you these details which may assist you sometime when you may plan to visit this temple.

This temple is managed by RVM foundations , a charitable trust. While passing along the main road , one may not notice this temple as this surrounded by busy malls and shopping centers. This is exactly behind the Total Mall ( previously Kemp fort) . You may have to park your vehicles at a paid cost in Total mall. The Entrance Shiv ling is something unique we see among temples in Bangalore.

20 feet ganesha idol at Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya
Once you have reached the gate , you may need to bear an entrance fee of Rs.100 - 170 for all Darshans. Make sure you carry your wallet ;) ! Nothing is free here. But all fees you pay is utilized for  charity by RVM foundations. Every ticket counters are well arranged with good guiders.

Once you pass by the gate , at first Lord Ganesha Idol welcomes us . This is one of the big idols we have noticed in Bangalore temples and seem to be around 15-20 feet. Our final destination , Lord Shiva Idol was visible to us and we were very satisfied to peep through the majestic idol. Well we yet had to wait as there are so many things here to see , before we reach our final destination.

Artificial caves at Shiva Mandir , Murugeshpalya
Artificial caves at Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya
Now our explore turns adventurous while we enter into the artificial narrow caves . In these caves are replicate shiv lings of Kedarnath , Haridwar and other jyothirlings of lord Shiva. The caves are quite narrow , if you are a obese fat buddy then you will sweat out for sure. We loved the way these caves are designed.
Once we move out of these caves , we were stunned by seeing our final destination Lord Shiva Idol.

Viewing this Idol is a pleasure to ones eyes. A magnificent 35-40 feet Idol surrounded with artificial stones and marbles resembling Lord Shiva meditating at Himalayas and a small water falls from the tip of the Idol. Special poojas are conducted here on Shiva rathri and very Monday.

Lord Shiva Idol , Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya
Lord Shiva Idol , Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya

Lord Shiva Idol , Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya

Magical Spot , Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya

In front of this Idol is a small pond also called "Magical Spot" / "Holy Manas Sarovar" . It is believed , if one prays the lord with full bhakthi and  drop a coin in this pond , whatever asked , the lord blesses it.

After darshan, there are shops where one can purchase idols , shell items , crafts , devotional songs , books , sayings cut outs and much more. All visitors were presented with a devotional Bhajan CD by the management.
Shops at Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya
Shops at Shiv Mandir , Murugeshpalya

This is one location which you can visit with your family - though mentioned as open 24 hours throughout the day , we are not sure about it and best time to visit would be anytime between 07 AM to 6 PM.

Hope above information about this location is useful to you. Share your visit experiences.

Shiv Bhajans mp3 - click to preview / download
1) Bholenath Daya Karo
2) Hoga jo Hoga
3) Paar Karo Bhole
4) Jo Bhi Bhole
5) Bholenath Shakthi
6) Bhole Mere Nath
7) Sab kuch thu hain
8) Bholenath jo Mere
9) Om Namah Shivaya

Guava - ChepeKayi - SeebeKayi - Seebehannu - Health benefits

In Bangalore, its also known as poor people's Apple. It has more benefits when compared to Apple. It has a good amount of Iron content , vitamin A , B and C . It is proved that it has four times the vitamin C content of an orange.

Guava Fruits
 Digestion : It is very good for digestion and avoids gastric. Also has folic acids which proves to be a good fruit for pregnant.
Beauty : Everyone is concerned now on their beauty , Guava helps in reducing pimples. A small piece of Guava when massaged over the chin and gently washed after some time - for few days - reduces pimples. It also has vitamin E which aids to skin protection
Cold : Guava fruit keeps the body cool. But it also a remedy to cold to some extent. As it has vitamin C and Iron content , taking in small amounts helps to prevent cold. But one should not take Guava when suffering from fever.
Cancer , Blood Pressure protection : Guava has large amounts of Anti-oxidants, it helps in preventing breast cancer, reproductive organs cancer cells. It also has 20% of potassium, which reduces sodium levels and helps in reducing blood pressure. Diabetic patients can also take this fruit at limited amounts after consulting their personal doctor.
Eyes :  Guava has 21% of Vitamin A which is very useful for Eyes health.  This helps in reducing night blindness.
Strengthens Nerves :  This fruit also has Magnesium content which relaxes Nerve Muscles and avoids paralytic disorders.
Guava Tree leaves and fruits
Brain : It has Vitamin B3 , B6 which helps brain nerves to function normally.
Sperm Increase : It is scientifically proved that this fruit aids in sperm increase to some extent.

The leaves and seeds of Guava plant is used for various medications

  • Guava leaves when dried and made to powder , prepared as paste and applied to skin reduces pimples.
  • This paste is very effective against body odors also. One may apply this paste before taking bath.
  • Bad Breath can be reduced when rinsed 3 times a day with guava herbal drink (kashaya) along with salt.
  • Chewing Guava leaves - Helps in reducing mouth ulcers , gum diseases
  • Guava leaves along with Sandalwood when used reduces skin diseases.

An article by Savita, Bangalore . You can mail your articles to our email - thinkbangalore@gmail.com

Necessary character for a long lasting fame

In this world , there are many people who earn fame in their own subjects. Some people remain popular for a short period and some throughout their life . How is this possible ?

Once a trainer when training to business entrepreneurs asked to "Write down your favorite cricketer , your favorite business tycoons name and the character which they like in them". On reviewing the answers , it was observed among 80% choices were Sachin Tendulkar in cricket and J.R.D Tata among businessmen. It is surprising that both these great men have a common character of Politeness.

Sachin Tendulkar
A short achievement brings pride to oneself. For a long term achievement brings in politeness to oneself. Being in form for 24 years , earning the fame which many great cricket captains did not earn , being popular among millions of cricket fans , still being generous and polite is what makes Sachin Tendulkar a great person and a role model.

Two year back, Sachin has visited chennai to attend some program organised for orphans and Old aged people (Anathashram). In that meet , thousands of people had come to see Sachin on stage. One of Sachin's friend who shared the stage next to him , pointed him a lady and informed sachin "Her name is Saraswathi Vaidhyanathan . She is 87 years old. She is now old and cannot walk properly. She is a big fan of Sachin. She has never missed even one game of Sachin. Not only she used to watch international matches during mid nights , early morning - she used to keep a record of Sachin's cricket run scorings."

On hearing this Sachin immediately got off the stage and approached towards Mrs.Saraswathi. People were took by a surprise.  Then Sachin greeted her with Pranama and spoke "You are a senior person , You have not only watched my games but also have records about them. Your such interests have blessed me to achieve more. ".

Sachin and Saraswathi Vaidhyanathan
She never had dreamt that Sachin would meet her in this form. It was just like Shabari met Ram in Ramayana. How Shabari's devotion towards Ram had brought him towards Shabahri, the love towards sachin's cricket had brought Sachin towards Mrs.Saraswathi.She daid Sachin, it was her pleasure to meet him. Sachin in reply said It is  his pleasure to meet her. She took out a small Ganapathi Idol and presented to Sachin and said - you are like my Grandson , please take this Ganapathi which I had worshiped for years, let this bring you more success."

Sachin received the present , immediately touched her feet and took her blessings and said your blessings should always be with me. This behavior not only brought in tears of joy to Mrs.Saraswathi , but also to many who were present at the occasion. This is how a  great person remains in the heart of others.

We have to learn from our environment , isint it?  A fruit first beings being rough, then sour and then turns sweet. A erect tree branch after bearing a bunch of fruits leans. Hence there is a saying - Politeness comes from success - It also brings good fame throughout ones life.

Benefits of Papaya , Pomegranate and Dodda Patre

* Papaya juice when taken with Honey mixed with hot water causes any stomach worms to die and come out during stools.
* Eating Papaya daily in a empty stomach reduces stomach worms

* Pomegranate helps to reduce breast cancer cells & also acts as a anti-biotic against cancer causing cells.
* Pomegranate helps to strengthen teeth and its muscles.
* Pomegranate juice when taken  for 2 weeks reduces blood pressure
* Pomegranate helps to reduce cholesterol and hence reduces chances of heart attack , and avoids blood clots.

* Dodda Patre along with Tulasi & beetle leaves when taken with Honey reduces cough and cold
* Dodda Patre when taken for a week reduces Jaundice.
* Dodda Patre used along with Turmeric (arisina) and taken bath , improves health.
* Dodda Patre when taken with salt improves digestion
* Having Dodda Patre regularly helps to reduce pitha.
* Dodda patre helps in reducing dizziness

An article by D.Sinchan

Pyramid Valley International , Harohalli near Bangalore

This is one of the unique architectures located at 30 kms from Bangalore and is in Harohalli - 2 kms from Bangalore - Kanakapura National Highway NH209. This place is beautifully placed in the 26 acres of scenic beauty between hills , natural rocks and ponds.

Pyramid Valley - View of the Pyramid

Bamboo Bridge in front of Pyramid

Buddha's Idol in front of the Pyramid

Pond in front of the Pyramid - Gandhiji's Idol

Pyramid Valley premises

We bring you here in our blog , few details which our team collected during their visit. Pyramid Valley , is the world's largest Meditation Pyramid , is an international meditation center serving individuals , societies and organisations in their quest for self realization and spiritual wisdom. This was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji and is setup by the Pyramid Spiritual Trust , India. The construction works were started during the year 2003 and completed by 2009.

About the Pyramid (Maitreya Buddha Pyramid) - World's Largest meditation pyramid

Pyramid Valley - Rear view 1
Pyramid Valley rear view 2

Size 160ft x 160ft , Height 102 ft (equivalent to 10 floor building ) with capacity of 5000 people.

The energy in this Mega-Pyramid is amplified by over 640 natural Himalayan crystals fitted inside the hall. Its spiral and vibrant King's chamber at a height of 34 feet is the most energetic spot in the Pyramid. The external faces of the pyramid depicts elements of nature. The Pyramid basement hall has beautiful art murals in remembrance of Buddha's great teachings and service humanity.

Pyramid Valley Features

  • World's largest meditation pyramid
  • Audio & Visual Pyramid conference Halls
  • Bookshop Library - with many new age spiritual books
  • Hills , Valleys,Ponds and coconut grooves
  • Art galleries with Buddhist themes
  • Many meditation spots in natural environment
  • Amphitheater with lush green lawns
  • There are accommodation facilities - cottages , cafeterias , luxury rooms , dormitories and standard rooms for visitors.
  • Free Veg meals under the Nitya Annadana Program. Between 12.30 to 02 PM and Dinner at 07 to 08 PM
Programs conducted here
  • Daily meditation classes 
  • Workshop on Sundays - "Meditation for Joyous living"
  • Monthly programs for youth and women - on inspiration 
  • Monthly spiritual retreat for senior citizens
  • Monthly overnight full moon meditation
  • Buddha poornima celebrations 
  • Interactions with senior pyramid masters , Annual spiritual scientists congress events

If you are planning for a long drive from Bangalore with your family this is one such spot for refreshing your mind. The site is open from 7 AM to 10 PM . You can get more details on their website pyramidvalley.org also. 

Share your visit experiences. Enjoy .

Sri Arunachaleshwara Temple , Harohalli near Bangalore

This is one of the ancient temples near to Bangalore. This is situated in Harohalli hobli , which is on the way to Kanakapura from Bangalore and is 35 kms from Bangalore. 

This temple is believed to have existed since 600 years ( about 6 centuries ago)  . The localities call it the "Dodda Gudi". The instance of Lord Shiva "Arunachaleshwara" is worshiped here. Our team visited this temple and capture few snaps which depicts the ancient culture followed in building temples & the architecture.

One would definitely get amazed when walking through the temple pillars . The temple houses many shiv lings such as Vaidyanateshwara, Maraleshwara , Nanjundeshwara  etc.  

If you are planning for a long trip from Bangalore with your family , this is one among the best destinations. Temple is open for darshan between 07 AM to 12 PM and at evening between 5 PM to 7 PM. This place is very clam in the midst of the village.  Share your experiences after visiting this place.

Arunachaleshwara Temple Garba Gudi

Arunachaleshwara Temple premises 

Arunachaleshwara temple premises

Arunachaleshwara Temple  Gopuram view

Arunachaleshwara Temple premises

Arunachaleshwara Temple premises

Arunachaleshwara Temple premises Stone Pillars

Arunachaleshwara Temple premises - Stone pillars view

Arunachaleshwara Temple - Old Pillars 

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